Happy Place

Fall in Northern New Mexico. The color and the very special light make it a wonderland.

I’ve been to a lot of places. Maybe too many. Even though the farm is truly beautiful and I am very happy to be here, this place, in this picture, is truly my happy place. Look at it. This picture was made in early fall. Isn’t that something?


Why aren’t we there, rather than here?

Lots of reasons. Like it or not we still travel a lot. Getting to the airport, which is south of Albuquerque, a drive of over four hours is a huge consideration. When you consider the need to stand in a line for two hours you’ve already had a six hour day.


From the farm travel time to Dulles is a little over an hour. From there, the world is our oyster. Or clam, or something like that. For a short domestic flight we can drive to Charlottesville in 30 minutes.

Then, there’s groceries. The closest grocery store is located in Taos, an hour away. Meanwhile in our valley, we can go to Charlottesville or Waynesboro, which is ten miles from home.

Don’t even ask about medical services or even gasoline. E-cars? Forget about it.

So, we chose the place that we would enjoy, in which we would thrive.

In case you are wondering about some technical considerations, I tuned this picture down. Those bright yellow trees fried my eyeballs, so I muted them some. That’s really all I did. The glow comes from a slighty bad over exposure. Oh well.



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    Great picture ! 🙂

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