With A Change Of Month

It’s that side eye that got me.

With the change of month I thought I’d start with some fresh work. I’m still working in my archives and I’ll show you some of that, but not right away.

This image is brand new. It combines two stories that I told you. One is a backstage photograph. The other is a picture that comes from Ray’s excellent adventure on a Greyhound bus. So, this image is brand new but the two photographs are a month and four months old.

These days that passes for current.

In typical Greyhound fashion I had a two hour wait to change buses on a four trip. I was starving so I ate a kind of dinner in a small cafe and traveler’s general store. The food was badly cooked and well over priced. It bought me a table and a place to sit.

One of the owners sat at a table one or two removed from me. I asked her with my eyes if could take a few pictures. She shrugged yes, so I did. I think she thought better of her permission and gave me a very unhappy face.

I layered that over one of my miserable backstage photographs, reworked the color a little and viola! You have an entirely new image. I was thinking about a title. How’s this? “Life sucks, but it’s my sucky life not yours.”

It’s a bit long. I’ll work on it.




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