Cemetery in motion.

I made this picture with an early digital camera that was a co-production. It was a Fuji DSLR that had a few Nikon components and could use Nikon lenses. I haven’t thought about that camera in a long time. All of a sudden it appeared on another blog that features rare and unusual cameras. I liked that camera. I had two of them. They weren’t expensive. And, they were on the small side.

Although I’ve long championed smaller cameras, the lack of motion in a couple of fingers on my left hand have me thinking about going backwards to larger camera bodies. My doctor said it’s Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. I think it’s something else. We’ll see. But, whatever it is, it makes it hard to use smaller cameras and lenses.


I made this picture with one of those ancient cameras, which means this is an ancient picture. It was made just outside of Atlanta, Georgia at the Union soldiers cemetery. Down the road in a much smaller Confederate soldiers cemetery.

Anyway (Again).

I was there in the early morning with the sun shining through the trees all golden and pretty. It inspired me. I made a lot of pictures. The original of this picture is one of the best of the take. But, at the close of 2022, I’m busy experimenting with different processes. I finished it with something called radial blur. The more you pull the slider the more you achieve the spinning effect.

I listen to podcasts as I work. I just heard a cool phrase. “Coffee up.” It certainly applies.


Lot’s of it.



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  1. beth Avatar

    dizzy! cool shot

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