He Went To Paris

Eiffel Tower.

He went to Paris looking for answers to questions that only he knew. That’s the opening line from a Jimmy Buffett song. I went to Paris too. In fact, there was a year that I felt like I was commuting to work there.

That’s another story.

I made this picture on a holiday.

I’m sure you know what this is, but just in case, I’m looking up at The Eiffel Tower. I spent a couple of hours walking around and photographing it from all angles. I almost didn’t make this picture until I was walking below it and looked up. You know, “look up, look down, look all around.” That.

I took this particular holiday back in the days of film. So, a good twenty years ago. A few years later, like a decade, I noticed that a picture very similar to mine was was winning all kinds of design and photography awards. Then it happened again and again with pictures made by other photographers.

And yet, for me, nothing.

To be sure, I showed it around a lot. Even though I liked it, it seemed that editors and art directors didn’t.

I’d like to think that I was just a head of my time. Yeah, yeah. That’s it.



6 responses to “He Went To Paris”

    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Yeah, yeah, yeah. 🙂

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  1. yassy Avatar

    It’s a good pic. Film is coming back more strongly than ever. It’s a beautiful revival. You should never give up shooting on film.

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      It could, but the film manufactures are doing their best to kill it by raising prices by more than 40% in one year. Some is due to the till unsolved logistics problems and some is due to the lack of raw product. OTH, Kodak is restarting one of their old E6 (slides) manufacturing lines.

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      1. yassy Avatar

        I know. But you just do what you have to. No matter what.


  2. rothpoetry Avatar

    ha ha. No respect! This one will be famous when you are dead and gone! :>)


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