In The Moment

It’s called the decisive moment. I suppose that for some photographers they make pictures that truly captures the moment. Not me. I follow the easier un-decisive moment. Sometime I get lucky, but that’s all it is. Luck. I can’t do it two times in a row. After all, how hard is to take a picture of a broken down old blue Rolls Royce in front of a bright pink building?

So what are these pictures if they aren’t of the moment? I hope they at least follow the title of the blog, that they tell a little story.

Here goes.

I got trapped in the middle of a second line. I saw this guy carrying a trumpet, but he wasn’t in a band. So I took the picture.

The broken down Rolls was parked on a small country road. I passed it many times until I finally did something about it. The blue plastic cover is a left over hurricane roof cover. I have questions. Lots of questions.

I saw the guy sitting in front of the store at about the same time he saw me. He asked for money in exchange for a picture. I gave him some even though I wasn’t sure the picture would be worth it.

Remember the Uncle Lionel story? How the state trooper closed the on ramp? That woman walked up the ramp to see the second line and was going back down to the street at about the same time as me.

The mother and daughter walking in the rain is as close to as I come to a decisive moment even though there is really no high point in the picture. At least it’s real. Real people. Real rain. I’ve been seeing a lot of rain falling pictures on various socials that aren’t real. I know because I have the same apps as they do. I can drop falling rain on any picture. I don’t.

That’s it.



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