A tree in the early morning mist as a symbol of rebirth.

Minimalism. A lot of people talk about it. Marie Kondo talks about to the point of making a career out of it. Photographers and artists talk about it. It was a little trendy.

I tend to like it both in my art and personal life. We are in the middle of thinning out our stuff using Ms. Kondo’s ideas. When we left New Orleans we took everything in the house with no regard to whether we needed it or should have been thrown in the street like everyone else does.

Seriously, we wouldn’t do that, but if we did, most of it would be gone in about fifteen minutes. People who look for curb dumping seem to have radar. Or, something.


These pictures are my attempt at minimalism in photography. I’m not sure if they work. For me, they do. They are certainly simple in composition even if they aren’t minimal.

A little update. I did move to Substack. And, I could take everything with me including you. WordPress did not make it easy. There is a plug in that completes the task in one go, but you have to have a business plan in order to use. Basically, I would have upgrade to a $40 a month plan. I suppose that I could have cancelled immediately, but I thought that was nonsense.

So, I did it by hand. That took a lot of time because it was WordPress forced. You know how that goes.

Storyteller exists on Substack.

And, here for now.



4 responses to “Minimal”

  1. Kim of Glover Gardens Avatar

    Wow, I really like the photos. D St o much that I can’t pick a fave. Do I need to do anything to see Storyteller on the new platform? In theory no. But, just in case.

    Thank you. The most important is the least obvious. The lone tree. It’s 30+ years old. I bribed my handlers at the drinking institution to let me out, go home, get my cameras and make this picture.


  2. allentimphotos2 Avatar

    Nice images.
    So I’m seeing you on WordPress but is that an illusion?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      You see me on both places until I stop posting on WordPress.

      Liked by 1 person

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