From Charlottsville To Santa Fe

Luminarias, or Farolitoes, are found thorugh out the Southwest. They are made of small paper bags with sand as a weight and a votive candle which is lighted on Christmas Eve as a way to guide the spirit of the Baby Jesus into the home.

The blog title is from a line in an album by the Dawes, a California band. They’re good, but the interesting thing is we know their parents but not them.

These pictures were made in New Mexico. Even though there is only one real Christmas picture, they all feel Christmasy to me. Or, at least they feel cold to me. And, cold means winter. And, winter means Christmas.

So, here’s the deal with Storyteller/Wordpress and Storyteller/Substack.

One of my readers here and a follower on Substack, Tim Allen, says he doesn’t like Substack because he has to log in every time he wants to read my posts. That’s not supposed to happen, but I have no idea what to tell him. There are a lot of things that are a mystery to me over there.

So, I’m not leaving here. Besides the confusion, I realized that I need three things, a website, a portfolio site. And, a blog site. WordPress gives me that and a lot more. Most importantly, they give us an easy access to each other.

My plan, starting in the newest of the new year is to shore up the foundations and repair the the broken links. Step two is to re edit all of the existing work and produce a cleaner more efficient portfolio that can be easily be linked to Paypal or any other cash exchange app.

Part three. Aggressive marketing. No, not to all of you who have been here for a while, but to new followers who might be encouraged to actually buy or license my work. Storyteller really needs to pay for itself or a Go Fund might have to be employed to grow this thing.

What do you think?



3 responses to “From Charlottsville To Santa Fe”

  1. allentimphotos2 Avatar

    I think that’s an excellent IDEA!
    To clarify about Substack. I had to sign in to comment on your post not to get access.


  2. Fairy Qu33n Avatar

    From the first picture is all so wonderful and magic and your pictures are simply perfect 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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