About A Half A Tank

Broken travels.

That’s just about how much gas it takes to get to this forlorn place from Albuquerque if you are driving.I found this place. I made a few pictures and kept going until I came to the next place like you do.

This is not a new picture, but it is one that I like. Aside from a black and white negative it is created from entirely whole cloth.

That’ll change in the new year. My goal is to make entirely new photographs and look around to find them, just like I used to do. I don’t have forever to go so I might as well do what I like to do. Right?



One response to “About A Half A Tank”

  1. Penny Speaker Avatar
    Penny Speaker

    I’ll look forward to seeing new photos in the new year. Happy hunting for new things to photograph. Glad you’re panning to do what you like best.

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