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What Matters

The debate rages, With the Muskifing of Twitter which social media matters? None o f them. Throwing stuff on a wall to see what sticks is meaningless. The answer is to cut back to just a few of anything and build on those.

I think I really hurt Andy Adams feelings when, after dabbling just about everywhere, asked who would read him on Facebook. I said I wouldn’t and that it was time for him to cut the bullshit (I am an adult, I speak that way) and go outside with a real camera and make pictures.

This was confirmed a few hour later when I listened to a Kyra Swisher podcast. It was an older one since she’s on ab real for the holidays.. She talked with Tim Cook, Sir Jon Ivy and and Laurene Powell Jobs. They talked about his theory of fewer is better as long as you make the product the very best it could be.

I wish Andy Adams would listen. For that matter, I wish I would listen.



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