White Light

Old Ways

Oh, the village of the hill
Sitting silently at will
Like some prophecy forgotten by an age
With no guns before its gate
The mysterious estate
Lies waiting for its history’s dawning page
With the raging of the sea before its height
And the strength of those whom see beyond their sight
Oh, the smithies anvil rings
And the symphony it sings
No voice nor poet’s pen can put to tune
And electric lines of force
Ring around the humble lives
Of the souls that hear the master saying soon
With the clouds that gather near disturb the night
Striking flashes of a difference, fleeing fright
No slight of tongue nor hand
Can so boldly there withstand
When the spirit of it’s truth shall speak the time
And no ignorance of life
Can be held within the sight
Of the buttresses of ageless binds of time
The communion of the forces take delight
With the fear that no tongues may read nor write
White Light
Oh the village of the hill
Sitting silently still
With the strength of ages past they’re still at hand
Reckons not to look behind
But to look within and find
And to hear of those enlightened by the lamb
With the powers of the wind both fierce and light
And the waters of the storm went through the night

Forgive me. I planned on giving Storyteller a strong start in 2023. But, you know what they say about God. And, how to make him laugh. Tell him your plans.

My ex-wife passed a day after her 68th birthday. In the end, we weren’t great friends. But, we were never enemies. I’ll be home for a few days. My real home. California. Musical Miss is coming with me. She’d met my ex-wife a couple of time over the years. Their timing in my life had nothing to do with each other.

I’m really shaken.

The song is called, “White Light.” It was written by the late Gene Clark, one of the founders of the original Byrds. No less than Bob Dylan called this song the best ever written.

I have no idea why it’s rattling around in my brain.







4 responses to “White Light”

  1. allentimphotos2 Avatar

    Sad to learn of her passing.


  2. T Ibara Photo Avatar

    I am very sorry to hear this Mr. Ray. I wish both you and Musical Miss safe travels.


  3. Debra Avatar

    Strong lyrics. I’m sure you’re shaken by this loss. I don’t know if the travels included a service or just being with other family members, but I hope you and Musical Miss experienced some comfort in being present. A rough start to the new year.


    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      oth. We hung with the family and Norah was asked to play. We also have Oda, our normal tour manager who has been taking care of everything for everybody. Because we had no other choice we flew private. A friend of ours met us on the tarmac in NOLA for round two. He brought us home — haven’t sold the NOLA house yet — and made sure we went to bed. By the time we get back to Virginia we will have finished a six funeral tour.

      This popped up today.

      This is about where it started. The second horn guitar — a Gibson SG — was George’s, We haven’t seen most of these guys in a long time and yet they grew up together with us. Only the keyboard player, Pete, still works on occasion with us. The others have moved on….


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