All The Numbers

The best kind of place.

New Mexico. My happy place. Even though I’m very happy to live on the farm, New Mexico always makes me feel better.

I need that.

We hope to return home on January 9th. Before we make it home, we will have attended 5 funerals, two jazz funerals and played at three fund raising benefits.

I’d love to sit out in New Mexico for a couple of weeks, but we have to be in Scotland on the 28th and Ireland on the 29th.

This is no damn way to live life.

Way out on the road.


4 responses to “All The Numbers”

  1. yassy Avatar

    Five funerals?


    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      I was wrong. Now it’s 8 funerals.

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      1. yassy Avatar

        Oh god I am sorry. My condolences!

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  2. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

    Thank you. We’re home. I finally broke and caught the old fashioned flu…sometimes the universe has to smack you around to get your attention.


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