Like a rant. Not a rant.

As many of you know we had a lot of unplanned traveling this week which will trickle into next week. I keep saying that we hope to be home by January 9th, but even that’s questionable.

We did something that we never do.

We flew private.

Given Southwestern’s total melt down which spilled back onto other carriers, we had to know that we were going to arrive at our planned destination, on time and with our luggage.

It turns out there are memberships for this. It also turns out they aren’t very expensive as long as four more people are traveling and you charter something like an eight or twelve place plane.

There are other unspoken benefits.

No airport lines of any type. You check in on the tarmac. You pass through Homeland inspection on the tarmac. Your luggage is loaded gently in front of you on the tarmac. And, some private carriers like ours send a car and driver to each passengers home departure point. If you are flying internationally you pass through customs and immigration on the tarmac.

All that being done on the tarmac means you likely won’t catch the virus of the hour or the year because some random jerk won’t wear a mask and coughs all over you.

You see where I’m headed with this.

Tarmac. Tarmac. Tarmac.

Today, programmers and their ilk like to talk about disruption.


How about enhancement?

I see a lot of potential.



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