Paradise Missing

Graphic island.

Once, I had an assignment on Hawaii. Paradise gained. I had to be all over Oahu. Paradise explored. One morning I was driving almost straight through the island when I looked over my shoulder. I stopped and made a few pictures. Paradise photographed.

A different kind of Paradise. In the deep middle ground. there are tall buildings. Honolulu. Paradise exploited.

I photographed the usual. Surfers. Diamondhead. Beach goers. Pu pu platters. Spam.

That wasn’t the assignment.

I photographed the down and seedy side of the island. I photographed the cheap dive hotels on the back side of the city. That’s where serious surfers stay. They don’t have the money to stay at the Waikiki Sheraton. I photographed some hotel surf museum. I felt like I was beach combing at Don’s. I photographed locals grocery stores where a gallon of milk costs $8.50.

Maybe I should publish more of this material. It will change everything that you think about Hawaii.

One more thing.

Wanna see the US monument at the Battleship Arizona? Come in groups. Leave in groups. Don’t bring your rental car.

Just like the rest of America.



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