Something. Anything.

I give you fire.

Most people get excited about the change of the year. Things are going to change. Things will get better. They say that. That’s what they say.

Today is Friday. The 13th.

That’s pretty smooth.

In New Orleans they are working on the 3/2 plan. Three people are murdered every two days. Even though the city doesn’t have enough cops, more Mardi Gras parades are being opened. Police office workers are going to work the streets. Did I mention they are untrained civilian workers who were hired to handle paperwork?

Musicians are dying almost daily. Some well known, some local. Jeff Beck’s passing brought out just about everybody on social media. When you see a picture of a well known musician standing proudly next to Beck with something he’s just signed you know the man’s worth to music.

We had seven funerals and jazz funeral to attend, including my ex-wife’s. We’ve been divorced for a long time but we never hated each other and luckily we saw each other last summer. Music tours are good for that. I have no idea why, but it hurts. A lot. More than I ever thought.

Yes. 2023 is a great year.

Then there’s the national news. We have a new congressman who lied about every possible thing in his life. He’s Jew ish. What the hell is that? He’s rich. He’s poor. He built a big business. He didn’t. On the day he was sworn in, he flipped the white power sign.

Cruz, Kennedy and Jordon continue to lie about Biden hiring 87, 000 IRS agents. That could happen. Over a decade as agents retire, change jobs and through general amortization. Are they stupid? Or, are they just liars? I opted for a combination. Stupid-liars.

Jordon is excited to start investigating stuff and people and things. I’d prefer some actual legislating getting done. What do I know? I didn’t vote for these stupid-lying-idiots.

Maybe we need a little more meditating, praying or doing.



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