United States, Georgia, Savannah, Downtown Squares, 2005. Cathedral of St. John the Baptist at Lafayette Square. MR


Seems to be the way that I live my life these days. I had sort of figured out what I wanted to do with Storyteller. Then, I started to do a deep archive dive. My contemporary archives are organized in layers.

For instance, this image comes from a book project on Savannah, Georgia. It’s organized by the book selects, another 40 out takes and finally the entire take. This picture came out of the book selects, but I wanted to see what lied beneath it.

Good stuff.

So, now what?

I worked my thinking into a very lean Storyteller. Maybe no more that 40 pictures throughout. That’s saying something because there are some 3,000 images in the inner archives that are mostly closed off to many of you. You can locate them but you have to know how to look.

What if I opened everything up? What if I made this very commercial site? A travel photography site with a lot of very unusual and unique imagery?

It would take a lot of time but it would be my signature piece given that photographers who work like me usually don’t end up in The Smithsonian.

We’ll see.

Tomorrow is another day.

About the picture.

Downtown Savannah is laid out in squares. It is a very cool design. You can walk through the city in sort of an organized way.

Check out the date. I’ve also been pretty good with data that eventually became what we call SEO. I photographed this project, went home to New Orleans and shipped files during the second week of August 2005. Two weeks later, my world changed. Hurricane Katrina saw to that.

The road goes on forever and the party never stops.



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