There’s too much.

Too much of everything. Too many pictures. Too many words. Too many blogs. Too many people trying to be what they aren’t.

I probably opened my mouth when I should have kept it closed. I was reading a rather vacuous blog when someone chimed in and said her daughter’s teacher wanted her to talk to her class because she is an author. This woman had a problem because she said she’s never been published.

After reading what she wrote, full of typos and a couple of misspellings, I couldn’t take it. I replied the she’d never written anything either. Oh, my snark.

Far northern Las Vegas, Nevada.

I probably went too far. But, screw it. We’ve been having a discussion about creativity around here. We suggest reading The band Wilco’s founder Jeff Tweedy’s book “Write Just One Song.” You’ll learn more about creativity than you thought you could and not just about songwriting.

Musical Miss, after selling 69 million records, knows something about creativity, added just because you slapped something on a piece of paper doesn’t mean that you should show it to the world.

There’s way too much of that going on. Too much noise. Not enough signal. I haven’t got time for that.

I doubt that you do either.

You might not always get it right on, but at least look like you tried.



2 responses to “Downtown”

  1. Debra Avatar

    At times I do chuckle at your “snark,” Ray, picturing the sting of truth on the other end.I sometimes catch a few of your replies on Twitter and I can’t say that I notice an specific areas of disagreement! I’ll bet for all that you do say, you also hold back some? Just my guess. As for the post’s thesis, I completely agree!

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Things got better once I blocked every MAGA person and Elon Musk.

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