Missing Something

House flats and estates shimmer in the Hong Kong night.

It took some time. Six years to be precise. Six years of wandering around when I was free enough to focus on making some meaningful pictures.

Focus. Pun intended.

This work was made long enough ago that it is all made on film. My film of preference, Fuji. Velvia. ISO 50, which we mostly used at ISO 40 or ISO 32.

I’d arrive in Hong Kong after a few weeks away, head directly to my favorite photo shop and buy a case of film. 100 rolls of film in green boxes.

This aggrevated my employers who made film in yellow boxes. This confused them to no end because they never knew where they were most of the time.

How bad was that ? We needed labs for visiting photographers. I found a very good one that was slightly off the beaten path. In those days Kodak gave “Q” quality certificates to labs that passed muster. I reported back to the regional office manager and told them what I’d found.

The manager said he had never heard of them. I replied, “But, Doug (his name was Doug) you signed their Q certificate.”

Makes you wonder.

So, how did all those classified documents get scattered to the four winds?




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