From The Beginning

I have plans, although January 2023 tossed them in a big box and gave them a good shaking.

We travel a lot. Aside from the general dirtiness of most American cities, I see a lot. Most of the country is covered in cast offs. Broken cars. Broken trucks. Broken trains. Just dumped where ever they stopped running or became economically infeasible to maintain.

Jeeze. Our farm came with an abandoned train station, a small engine house, two steam engines and a couple of 1920s era freight cars. There is some good history here stretching back pre-Civil War until the early 1930s when the main railroad, The C&O decided my little spur was superfluous. They just abandoned everything after cutting the main tracks in two places.

Fine with me. Every boy wants his own train for a toy.

But, where ever we travel we see junk. In every state. In gullies. In river beds. On the plains. Hidden in forests. Dumped in streams and rivers.

The country is covered in junk.

I’m going to document it.

Found in my pretty little valley.



2 responses to “From The Beginning”

  1. allentimphotos2 Avatar

    Ugh. Planned obsolescence.

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      I wouldn’t call it that, not back then anyway. Because there is so much land and water, nobody thought about what that meant.

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