All A Dream

Y’all know I write these little missives a day or two before I actually publish them. So even though you are reading this on Friday, let’s pretend it’s Tuesday.

It’s important.

When I first started traveling to Asia and especially to Hong Kong, which became my home for six years, I flew exclusively on one plane.

The Boeing 747, the first super jet. I flew on a number of variations. I always flew business class, but sometimes it was downstairs tucked in back of first class but separated from economy. Sometimes, business class was configured upstairs in the “bubble.”

AT the time I worked for a division of Eastman Kodak. When I photographed I used film. And, I flew in a 747.

Today was the final date of manufacture of the 747. I believe it was a freighter. But still, it’s the last new one, ever.

It’s a time of nostalgia for me. Eastman Kodak is about dead and buried although they did restart a slide film manufacturing line, which was also about dead and buried.

While 747s will continue flying, there will be no more new ones.

We could run through a list of musicians and other creatives who didn’t make it through the first month of the year and 2023 feels dead and buried.

Let’s hope that changes soon because these pretzels are making me thirsty.

Who said that and when?

Hong Kong, from my flat, in a dream. Call it purple haze.


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