A Study In Speed

I’ve always like motion in photographs, well as much as I can bring to a still picture. I think it adds something to a location that speaks to the energy of the place. That’s not to say that I think a city should be photographed at full tilt boogie, but there could be a healthy mix of different kinds of pictures.

For me, and for some reason, making images with a lot of motion comes easy. Maybe it’s because I rarely use a tripod which takes the edge off of most pictures. I use a monopod a lot more, especially at night. This serves two purposes, one photographic and the other gives me a measure of self defense. I work in some dangerous places. If you are intent on doing me harm you better be armed. You don’t want me putting a monopod and camera in your mouth or eyes. I’d prefer not to do that, but self defense is self defense.

Based on what we’ve seen in Memphis the bad guys might come dressed in blue. There is something wrong with that picture and all that followed it. Why would five badged cops beat a man to death? Why would first responders barely respond?

I read something that I can’t find again. Tyre Nichols was dating one of the cops soon-to-be ex-wives. Now this makes sense. Revenge. Teach this guy a lesson, but it went too far. It still doesn’t make it right. It makes it even more wrong. But, sense starts to emerge a little.

There are days when I wish I could stay on track, in my lane as they say. There are days when I’m glad that I can’t.

This is one of those days.



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