Your Usual Rant

Rotting away in New Orleans-land.

Remember the Kinks? “Tastes just like cherry cola, C-O-L-A.”

Those guys. Yeah, them.

I follow Dave Davies — one of the brothers — on Twitter. He’s begging Twitter bots to stop censoring him every time he mentions the word Kinks. As we would say around here, “Oh FFS.”

Just wait until IA technology gets a hold of anything you do without strict adult supervision. Just wait until self appointed know nothing censors get a hold of that. You know the ones. Like Green or Santos in the house of cards.

This is what happens when you have disruption. Things get worse, not better. Product quality gets worse not better.

Ever try to fix a new, but now broken, small kitchen appliance? I cannot tell you how many of those little Nescafe-based capsule espresso makers we’ve tossed. You cannot even open them up to see the problem.

They go in the trash. The can’t be recycled because the technology must be removed. You cannot open the machine up so the technology remains.

If you follow that logic, people are getting worse not better. That sounds terrible, I know.

Here’s a story.

We started having groceries delivered during lockdown. Wal Mart’s service is affordable and usually works as claimed. When we went farming we continued to do it because it sure is easier than driving to one of two towns and loading up on staples.

Our service was cancelled because we didn’t pay the $12 monthly fee. Huh? It’s auto billed to a royalty account which means there’s always too much money it, especially during the quarterly period when we get paid.

I contacted the Wal Mart service department. We didn’t pay it because they never billed for it. They didn’t know why but it was our fault. They didn’t bill us and it’s our fault?

I asked to reinstate it. They couldn’t do that until the first of the month, the agent told me.

Uh huh.

Musical miss didn’t know any of this so today she ordered food. When she got to the cash register a prompt asked her if she wanted to renew the service, she hit yes and we were properly billed the fee that covers all deliveries.

Done and done.

If I were like about 98% of the people on social media I’d get into a long and protracted argument with some 22 year old agent in El Paso, Texas. Unlike those 98% I have better things to do with my time.

And, speaking of El Paso it’s broken record time. There was a mass shooting there. No not the one when 23 people were killed in a Wal Mart in Uvalde. There was another on the night I wrote this, February 15, 2023.

This isn’t going to stop until we get angry, really angry and throw all of the money grubbing NRA supported politicians out of office. Can you imagine wearing little AR-15 clips on their coats and ties?

It’s only gonna get worse unless we the people do something. At every level.

It is getting worse.

A train blows up spewing poisonous fumes everywhere. The Ohio River is poisoned. 20 million people are affected. The governor hasn’t applied for FEMA help so the Feds do nothing. The media barely reports it.




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