Whoa, Atlanta

It’s all just traffic.

My archives have yielded some wonderful and surprising results. I’ve managed to locate the entire takes of various shoots. Usually, what I located is the culled selection. That’s too bad for me and, ultimately, you.

I ignored these images the first time around. Shows you want I know.

These are also the first digital pictures that I made on assignment. I started shooting film on this and more-or-less just said screw it. I still have that final roll of Velvia with about 10 exposures made on it. I shoot some film. Usually black and white on Leica cameras. But, on this assignment my world view shifted.

“We’ll make a day and how just you and me
Where the music plays all night
They got the boogie band blowin’ that’s bound for hell
And when they get to movin’ they never stop
You just keep on playin’ that down home beat
You just keep on layin’ it down hot

I wish I was on one
I’m sittin’ here thinkin’ bout my red head dream
If I could only see her tonight

Whoa, Atlanta
Whoa, Atlanta
I said oh, oh Atlanta
I got to get back to you”

— Lowell George, Little Feet.



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