Early Days

On Lundi Gras. The Monday before the big Tuesday.

It’s obvious that I’ve become very interested in IA technology. I’ve set my own ground rules. The base art must be my own, as in my photograph.

The big complaint is that IA software scrapes the real data from billions of pictures. That’s not true. It scrapes ones and zeroes without regard for subject matter.

I tested that with a friend of mine. I just typed her name into the subject box. The resulting image was a very lovely young woman who looked nothing like my friend.

Then, I tried again.

This time I typed about 20 descriptors. The resulting image was some kind of art that looked a little like her, but caught her personality and felt like her. It’s a little twisted to be sure, but when my friend saw it she said, that’s me.

All of that said, it’s about intent and human touch.

I don’t ever force a time when I could let any IA software chugging along and make its version of my work without being directly involved . For me, that just makes it another piece of technology like a lens, a flash or even a sophisticated camera body.

Since most of my IA work is done in the editing process you could see it as another after shooting tool like OnOne, Photoshop or Lightroom.

Hang in there until tomorrow. Mardi Gras Tuesday.



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