Atlanta’s very energetic underground with a lot of motion created by me.

The search through my archives has been rewarding and discouraging to say the least.

It’s rewarding because I’m finding some great images that could have been put into the marketplace years ago.

It’s discouraging for two reasons. My editing skills aren’t as good as I thought they are. I missed a lot of good work. My use of the word editing is old school. It refers to the selection process rather than working on the picture in editing software.

The second reason is really discouraging because I think I was a better photographer in the past than I am today. I haven’t grown.

I have number of theories about it.

I don’t photograph enough. I’ve passed through that phase in my life. I’m into other things. I have different obligations. I’m not sure if those are reasons or excuses. I have some chronic issues, right now arthritis is rearing it’s ugly head. I’m old.

I can change some of that, and I have. CLL is under control to the point where it could be in remission. Most of my leg pain issue is much better. I did two non medical things.

I bought a better mattress even though ours was fairly new. It always sucked. And, accidental weight loss that was generated by helping others and just forgetting to eat.

According to various medical studies that for every ten pounds of real weight that you lose, 500 pounds of pressure is removed from your lower extremities. Your joints — hips, knees, ankles and even your feet — start feeling much better.

I accidentally lost 40 pounds. 2000 pounds of pressure is gone. Think about that. Nothing hurts.

That’s something.

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