That Time In…

Rush hour traffic moves through Hong Kong, China.

This is one of my reworked archive pictures. Hong Kong taxis waiting for fares at the airport. The line was long and I got bored after an 18 hour plane ride so I started making a few pictures. I wonder how many hours was taken off my life by flying too close to the sun on thes long rides. By dead reckoning, I think I crossed the Pacific Ocean 28 times.

It’s a wonder that I could make a picture after that long ride. I felt like I was going to fall down, I was seeing side ways and my head was spinning. Sometimes that’s the best time. I was a complete blank slate which is what I use my pre-shoot routine to do.


Here’s what happened a couple of days ago. It’s Apple’s and my fault. Apple downloaded a OS upgrade in the dead of night. I was using a trackpad, but I could barely control it. Anytime I got close to anything sensitive on my desktop or a web page things went wonky. I’d accidentally touch something and open a new page, one that I had no intention of opening.

So, I went into accessibility and reset the two things Apple suggested. No joy. So I went back and unchecked three buttons that controls finger swipes. Of course, that shut down the trackpad.

Uh oh.

The reason I used the trackpad is because the “magic mouse” stopped working. I knew that I could regain functionality with a mouse. No mice in the house. All laptops. So I ordered one that was due in two days. It never arrived.

I have work to do.

So, I ordered another one from Wal Mart that was delivered a bout a half hour ago.

Big Brown will show up with yesterday’s delivery sometime today.



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