Shedding Some Light

Speeding along.

This a two pronged post.

First, the photograph that you see in front of you. It is part of — for me, becoming a legendary shoot — the Atlanta trip, I don’t why I didn’t edit it a lot more carefully when I returned but, I didn’t.

This picture has some much going on in it that you have to spend some time with it to see what’s really going on. There’s also a lot of in camera technique that helps make the picture to be what it is. Not only did I pan, but I racked the focus ring, and I raised the camera. That seems like a lot, but I was exposing for a long time. All I had to do was keep my motion smooth.

Post Production was minimal. I darken it some and added contrast which brought out the color just enough but not so much to make it overbearing like too many of my pictures.

It seems like the photographers battle over AI is overheating, especially on Twitter. I feel like it’s turning into a Blue State – Red State thing. You are with us or against and if you are against us, we hate you and nothing you say is correct,

That’s silly.

I’ve mostly been reading and not participating except for one comment. Some guy was going on and on about how he never uses AI in any form. And, never will. I asked one question and answered myself. I asked if he shot .jpeg or RAW. (RAW is what working photographers shoot because you have all the data) He answered .jpeg as I’d hoped. I replied, then what the hell do you think the camera is doing? It’s processing your image using AI.


It’s not going away. Learn to use it to make the kind of picture you want to make. Put yourself in the picture and it’s not just some machine driven thing. It will have warmth and humaness.



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