And, So It Goes

Atlanta, Georgia.

The end of the month. It snuck up on me. I think that’s pretty common at the close of February. A short month.

This is yet another picture from Atlanta. These kinds of pictures were really what I came to do. It takes some looking to find a scene like this. Green leading lines that actually lead to something, a huge towering office building with the added bonus of the reflection of the other building in the window.

This is an example of luck favors the prepared. I scouted this location. I had an idea that the leading lines would work out. Luck came into play with the reflection in the window. Okay. It’s photographers luck, sub clause A.

Everywhere the talk is about AI doing everything and what that means for photographers, artists of every stripe, writers, musicians and even people who work as some kind of administrator.

This begs the question, do we learn how to use it our benefit, or are a lot of people out of jobs?

It isn’t going away.

Neither am I.



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