A Green Manilishi


It’s not what you think it is. It’s not light or an explosion. It has been modified during the editing process, using a tool called blur. There are two kinds. Interior and exterior. The one I used was exterior.

The exterior app creates some kind of kinetic motion. This one creates a sort of push and pull feeling. If you use it too much you’ll end up blurred nothingness. It took a lot of experimenting to learn that. Hardness isn’t just found in steel and cement, it’s also found in my head.


What is it?

Stop blathering on and tell us. I know you’re thinking that.

Okay, okay.

It’s fruit. It’s a Guava, sliced in half and photographed straight down.

There was a time when a client asked me to photograph food. Uh, wut? I’m not a food photographer. That’s a speciality within a speciality. It takes a lot of knowledge, skill and trickery.

After some creative discussion, I made the most minimal photographs that I could. I stripped the food down to its origins. I tried my best to be as artistic as possible. I guess it worked because the project was expanded from six to twelve pages and the cover.

Wowie Zowie.



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