A Little Too Much

When spring comes often The Mississippi River rises over its banks.

This flooding happens every few years in New Orleans. The city doesn’t flood, but on the Westbank there are low lying buildings and a few roads. Not much really gets damaged, but the water sure does look a little scary. That little building that looks like a house is really part of a small amusement park. It’s very rudimentary and dries out just fine.

If you look at the top picture you can see that water in the foreground has flooded the levee which is in about the center of the picture. The river is just beyond that.

This doesn’t happen every year, but I’m pretty sure that it will in late spring and early summer this year when the run off from northern states reaches the down river because the Midwest has had a lot of snow this year. So the tributaries will be full. They’ll join the Mississippi River and the water flows south, ever southward, until it reaches The Gulf of Mexico.

Meanwhile, in Virginia we hardly had any snow. We had an early snow storm. Last week we had a mix of snow, ice and rain. When we went to bed the night was calm and still. Sometime after midnight snow began to fall. By morning we had about six inches. The dogs didn’t know. They went out to do their morning thing. They were not amused. When they came in they glared at me, especially since I hadn’t built a fire yet. They were happier once I did that and they dragged their beds near it.

I made coffee.



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