What You Thought You Saw

Red streetcar zipping along Canal Street.

There are two things that this photograph represents. A new technique that I’ve just mastered that sort of smushes the image and its color. So, I’m reworking many of my signature New Orleans pictures. And, two, I’m getting ready to do the deal with the art agency I mentioned a week or so ago.

Of course, my archive still contains the original unmodified version of this image and a newer version that I made a few years later and now this one. I tend to do that as technology changes and as I learn and grow. Eventually, the image will be done because it will given up its secrets.

And, speaking of new technology, it’s here. AI is here on WordPress. If you go to your blocks pulldown you’ll see there are two new blocks. “AI Paragraph and AI Image.” Both are marked experimental. I’m unclear if AI creates the picture or text on the page or if you do the work someplace else and import it to that block. If it’s the latter I do that already sometimes.

I reckon I’ll test it and find out. But, not this minute.

I’ll be sharing with you reworked images over the course of this week and maybe a bit of the next one. I hope you enjoy and comment on them.



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