Magic And Light

St. Louis Cathedral.

I posted this photograph on Instagram. I don’t usually cross post, but it’s popular there so I thought you should see it too.

This is probably the most well known location in New Orleans. St. Louis Cathedral is a destination for everyone, not just Catholics who go to church there. Aside from the outside European style beauty, the inside is stunning.

Celebrations of holidays like Christmas and Easter are major events and the cathedral is dressed for it, inside and out.

It was completed in 1727, and for a while it was claimed to be the oldest church in the country. But, that’s really in New Mexico and was built in the 1600s. It burned in 1788 and was rebuilt in 1794. It was expanded in 1849.

That’s the short history of the physical building. The history of events that took place there would take hours, maybe days, to write for Storyteller. Don’t even ask. Heh, heh.

This is another of my reworked images. This one didn’t take a lot of work. It was pretty much complete the last time I played with it.

This newly reworked collection is starting to look pretty good. I’m excited. That’s something because these days…



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