Another Way

Paris, France.

I know that I told you I was working on improving images from New Orleans. And, I am. It has become a production process that takes a lot of intensity and focus. Sure, I take breaks. But, sometimes my head gets foggy.


If I want to continue working on something I play around and learn even more stylish technique.

Both pictures began life as black and white negatives. I let them tell me how to rework them. So, they are very different in style.

One was made in Paris, the other made somewhere in New Mexico

I used a lot of OnOne filters to express my vision.

There’s one more.

Old derailment.
Parked, abandoned and forgotten.

I discovered this old train on a visit to my primary care doctor’s new office which was amazing and amazingly expensive. This train used to cross The Mississippi River on barges prior to The Huey P. Long Bridge being built in the 1930’s.

The Huey P., as the locals call it, might be the scariest bridge ever. Built in a time when cars and trucks were smaller there are two narrow lanes in both directions and two railroad tracks in the middle of it. It was widened slightly a few years ago.

It’s nothing but fun when you are driving on the inside lane with a train on your left and a semi truck on your right.

So, this train became obsolete. The railroad company parked it next to their warehouse and left it there… for 80 years.

The warehouse was converted into more high end doctor’s offices so the train and engines where moved about a quarter mile away where there are more ancient trains and train cars that are being restored by the local historical train society.

This photograph is digital, so the workflow was very different. At first I tried to make it muted to match the other two pictures. It looked terrible. I gave up on that approach, reversed gears and let some of its color break through.

I think that worked.

What do you think?



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