Quarter Notes

Glowing light.

The French Quarter. It’s a tourist destination within a tourist destination. Many people come to New Orleans and never leave it. That’s too bad because there’s plenty more to see and do.

This isn’t about that. This is about scenes that I saw while I was roaming the Quarter’s streets.

I’m not a big fan of blue sky pictures. Now and again, sure. But, for the most part I like low light, blue light, golden light, dusk, dawn, evening but not night.

The top picture is a great example of low golden light with storm clouds just blowing out. I remember thinking at the time that the light is beautiful, now what’s the subject?

There’s lots of subjects in the Quarter. I chose architecture which is a reoccurring them in this baby portfolio. In fact, three of the photographs are buildings at dusk. A fourth picture, the very blue one, was made at the very end of dusk. The yellow lighted windows caught my attention.

There some people in the middle left pictured lined up to drink some big drinks called Hurricanes at Pat O’Brian’s. Tourists come to the Quarter for that too. Drink one and you’re high. Drink two and you’re drunk. Drink three and you have to carried back to the hotel.

Unfortunately, the Quarter has that reputation. What happens in the Quarter stays in the Quarter. Tourists come to party.

However, it can be a pretty rough place.

The upriver side toward Canal Street is known for bullets flying around. One night a bartender inside his bar was hit by a stray bullet. A stray bullet? What kind of place is this?

If you keep your head about you and you’ll be fine. Roam around at night when things get rolling. Wander around during the day when it’s a more quiet place and enjoy the quirky shops.

Then, for God’s sake, get out of the Quarter and see the rest of New Orleans.



2 responses to “Quarter Notes”

  1. Debra Avatar

    Before I read one word I commented to myself that the “light” was just gorgeous in these photos. They are so beautiful. Very special, Ray.


    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Thank you. If I have any control over where I am at a certain time of day I generally chase light.


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