Upon Further Reflection

Reflection in the window with utensils.

Time to move. For sure, I have huge archives of New Orleans images, but enough is enough. I’ve moved so it’s time for Storyteller to move on to other locations.

For the life of me I cannot tell you where or under what circumstances I made this photograph.

It’s late night stop which means I was probably riding a tour bus and the driver needed a break. Even though we are pretty self sufficient with lounges, a galley and bunk beds, we like to feel solid ground whenever we can.

It’s likely I wanted some truck stop food because I wasn’t getting enough grease, lard and baco bits in my system. And, I probably needed some watery burned coffee to make my night complete.

Meanwhile, back on the bus we have an espresso maker, one of those countertop things. We have a tea kettle and a regular drip coffee maker. We have good, fresh fruit and nuts. We have a selection of breads and cheeses. We have all kinds of beverages and for those who need a shot or two were have a selection of harder liquor. A note is appropriate here. These are veteran, hard working musicians. Those who drink something adult have a drink to relax, maybe another and that’s it.

Oh yeah, we have leftovers. Mark it with your name or it’s fair game. Mark it with sharpie in BIG letters or someone will eat your food and claim later, “It was dark, I couldn’t see but it smelled good so I ate it.”


A little housekeeping. I’ve cleaned up this page some. You’ll notice the use of Italics for captions. I want to separate captions from the text. The text is new. It’s something called Raleway. I didn’t spell railway incorrectly. I assume it’s the font designers name. I just wish that once you change the font it would stay. Unfortunately, when you drop down to start a new paragraph it reverts to default.

More to come as I look at WordPress’ new improvements which are pretty good. When was the last time you heard me say that?



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