Self Defense

Pastel sky.

As you know, I’ve been playing with my archive. This image is the result of that. It’s in response to the synthetic media produced by generative AI.

Yep, AI is growing so fast that jargon is being created as fast AI is being developed. That’s scary for a lot of reasons. Not only can it harm all artists, but it can destroy the employment off anyone who does semi repetitive tasks.

The business world will certainly change, maybe sooner than you think. Of course, generative AI can also be used for good.

It can sort data which can increase productivity in many industries. It can drive research. How quickly could vaccines by developed. It can find holes in research, maybe helping to create cures for cancer.

I follow one cancer patient on Twitter, now I must be seeing 50 cancer patients. That’s generative AI in action. I have to decide if that’s good or bad. It is certainly depressing.

The person I’m following is 38 years old, she has a four year old daughter and she’ll be dead before 2023 ends. Sometimes she posts videos, especially if she gets bad news about her cancer spreading. She started with stage four breast cancer, now it’s spread to her lungs and finally she has a tumor in her brain. Her videos are truly heartbreaking.

Remember my friend in New Orleans who died from brain cancer? She’s still posting. Maybe it’s her ghost doing it or really her husband. She was quirky and this is quirky.


I made the base photograph when the light turned crazy one evening. I worked it and reworked it until got to the image you are seeing.

One more thing, I figured out a work around for the font issue of having to reset the default every time I created I new paragraph. I just wrote one long almost unreadable paragraph. Then I edited into what you are reading.

There’s always more than one way to skin a cat.

Who wants to skin a cat?



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