Left Behind

When I first arrived in New Orleans I was told a lot of different things about this building. It was said to be a cannon ball manufacturing plant during the Civil War. It may be that there was another building on the land that did make something during the war, but this building was constructed in 1905.

It was an Entergy power plant. It ceased operations sometime in the 1970s when more modern plants were constructed.

It’s been abandoned since then.

It’s been a place for taggers to cover entire walls in graffiti. There have been plans to turn it into something else; a shopping mall, high end condos, even a huge restaurant complex. Nothing has come to fruition because it is too expensive to rip the guts out of the building.

For now, it’s jut a great place to make pictures, inside and out. You are not supposed to trespass or go inside, but you know… that white trailer is supposed to be a guard shack, but I haven’t seen guards around there for ages. That’s too bad because a young parcourse kind of climber fell to his death inside a few years ago.

A little house keeping. I know that I said it was time to move out of New Orleans photographically, but after tinkering with this picture I thought the results were too good not to share.

I am still experimenting with formats and templates. This one is modified from one that WordPress provides under the plus block on the upper left of the desktop. Their’s was a little too complex so I stripped it back to this minimalist look.

Happy Friday.



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