Shanghai cooks in steam.

I like to eat. You like to eat. I also like to cook, but not all the time. Musical Miss is a better cook than I am, but she doesn’t like to cook everyday.

So, we go out to eat in restaurants, cafes or buffets. Well, buffets are out with the arrival of CoVid and its variants.


Sometimes I wander around the restaurant and make a few pictures. That’s what I did with these two photographs.

The short order cooks in the top picture could easily have been hired on the day I made the picture, right off the street.

The Chinese cooks in the bottom picture, hidden by their steamy atmosphere look the part. At least they are wearing white clothes and cook’s hats.

I decided to publish these two pictures because I really like the top one. The Chinese cooks are published as counterpoint.

I like the scene. I like the moment. I like the color.

I think it was an accident.

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