Uh Oh…

Well, what do you think?

She doesn’t exist, except in my mind. I created her from words, my words. Words like elderly, gray haired, wrinkled, photo realistic and others. I pushed the “create” button and AI did its thing. All of this took less than five minutes.

I could have “evolved” her, but when I tested that, she turned into another person which I didn’t like. I downloaded her into OnOne and finished the portrait. The entire process including the first five minutes took about ten minutes total.

This doesn’t bode well for future creatives. This image is a little rough. Forgetting the slight softness which is a function of me not yet understanding the proper download size, there are tell tale signs that she isn’t real. Despite managing to put some catch lights in her eyes, they are sort of dead looking. Her shoulders are too smooth for someone with her wrinkles.

But, all in all I think that the “portrait” is successful. As generative AI continues to improve at a frightening pace, portraits like this one will become far more realistic.

Talk about deep fakes. Talk about testing personal morality. Talk about what the public will accept in advertising or maybe even editorial.

Stay tuned.



7 responses to “Uh Oh…”

  1. diespringerin Avatar

    Exactly, her eyes are dead, or simply not really alive, no, I think, it’s the experience of a human life they lack. Even the eyes of a very demented old person has a different expression … it’s scary, though, I admit, all this AI possibilities, but of course also a new way of new opportunities …

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      There is just no warmth… yet. It’s scary for it’s potential to use it for evil. But the potential for good, even amazing thing is huge.

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      1. diespringerin Avatar

        Yes, you’re right, I just wondered how people felt when the first of photopraphs turned up, and all the other stuff generations before could never even imagine … it’s inevitable that we all move into future … it’s also in our responsibility as we use it … everything. And where we have to let go we should not be stuck in our fear of change … human condition, I suppose …


  2. Debra Avatar

    Just yesterday I listened to a segment on the radio talking about AI potentials and fears. The consensus among those speaking was that they were really uneasy with what they were learning. I don’t think this bodes well for any of us. We already struggle with knowing what is authentic/manipulated. And yet I can see the temptation. With all my prohibition, I can see this is an incredibly mesmerizing “digital production.” I don’t even know what to call it! It’s a fascinating topic!


    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      I think I used the proper words on the post. This image is called synthetic media and is produced by generative AI So, that’s what you call it. 😊Most of the talk is not about the visual but about the written word. There are various forms of generative AI but most are centered around GBT-4, which is predictive, machine learns and can search anywhere. It can create just about anything written and can answer most questions without going rogue or lying. It can be used for evil, but the benefits are endless. It could solve illnesses like cancer or malaria. It could teach us just about anything. I read something that is called Gates Notes by Bill Gates. He says that there have only been about three or four major breakthroughs in the world (not digital world) in his lifetime and this is one of them. This is moving at an amazing pace. My suggestion to everyone in this house is to learn to work with it and create our own good. I eventually will test it by writing a post on Storyteller. Not to worry, I’ll add a disclaimer. And, I would never create an image this way for professional use. One more thing, if you use Spotify you’ve probably seen all those playlists that say something like, “morning music” or “music to commute by” with no recognizable artists, that’s all AI produced.


      1. Debra Avatar

        Ha! Yes, I do use Spotify, and it never occurred to me to think of AI as a generator. Of course that makes sense. The quote by Bill Gates is informative. I’m certainly in favor of any advancement that enhances the medical fields. It’s an incredibly fascinating field. So much I don’t understand, but that only makes it more interesting to me!


      2. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

        We listen to a lot of podcasts. Even the guys who are creating AI don’t understand it. There seems to be a little magic involved.


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