This Is The City

I was working in Los Angeles, which was fun because I grew up there, well, really in Long Beach, which is different but kind of the same.

I was doing another book assignment with a long list of potential subjects. One was The Disney Music Hall.

I wandered around the entire hall making pictures as I went. I found this slightly blooming tree. Ah Ha, I thought, what a good contrast to all this bright metal. I also thought I was so clever until I found that just about every photographer who makes pictures there finds this side of the building and the tree.

Oh well.

I wanted to go inside, but even with their marketing department’s permission, you can’t because you need an escort and a maintenance person to turn on the lights and the air conditioner.

Of course, the building is huge and it wouldn’t cool down in the half hour I needed to be inside.

I did get to go on the roof because you can just walk on the exterior stairs to get there. There’s a chain gate, but the watchman told me to just jump over it.

So I did.

It wasn’t great place to make pictures of the music hall, but there are great views of downtown Los Angeles.

That was a bonus picture that my editors loved. This is a great example of photographer’s luck.

I keep experimenting with synthetic media because it’s here now, and will influence everyone for years to come so I want and need to understand it.

But, it doesn’t move me.

My pictures have always had a kind of humanness about them. Unless I get pleasantly surprised, generative AI is cold and distant.

The Disney Concert Hall, designed by Frank Gerhy, sets the tone for the newly emerging futuristic 21st Century skyline of downtown Los Angeles.


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