Out On The Road

Into the distance.

If you’ve read Storyteller for any length of time you know that I like motion blur, low golden light and that I often work from a moving car.

These two pictures illustrate that. I also like to roam around looking for pictures. I work by one philosophy. “”Don’t take the picture, let the picture take you.””

There are other things that I do, and don’t do.

I never self edit in the field. I never machine guns and hold my finger down on the button. I also take my time on location. I always explore the scene frontwards and backwards. And, when I travel for pictures I never look at other photographers pictures of the location, but I do read about it.

Those are pretty much hard and fast internal rules.

They help keep me focused. There are also rules of photography like the rule of thirds that a new photographer should learn before they break them.

One more big item. Your first 10,000 pictures are your worst ones, except if you machine-gun and overshoot. Than, it’s more like your first 100,000 just plain suck.

Don’t overshoot.

Pictures were made at a high rate if speed.


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