One Time In New York City

The Chrysler Building shimmers as New York City vibrates in the background.

One time in NewYork City. I made this photograph on film, Fuji Velvia to be exact. That will tell you that this is an old image.

For a long time this was one of my signature pictures. It lived in my portfolio for a long time. Eventually, I removed and replaced it with something new and digital.

I think I’m going to reenter it in my book. After all it contains both motion and bright color. Both are my signature styles.

I’m going to rethink my philosophical approach to Storyteller. My readership numbers are as low as they were when I first began to publish. That’s not good. There is no growth, only retraction.

Numbers aren’t everything, but I do this so people can see my work.

I’m doing something very wrong but I don’t know what it is.

I have two theories, probably they are both wrong.

I’m running out of social media distribution sites. This no longer shows up on Facebook because I don’t want to start another Facebook business page. WordPress says my link to LinkedIN is broken. LinkedIn says it isn’t. And, if I don’t pay for a blue check by April 15, I won’t be distributed Twitter in the “for you” column. I don’t care about blue checks.

That’s one theory.

The other is that I haven’t taken the right approach to what I write. I’ve gotten a little personal. Maybe I need to revert to a little more professional approach.

I don’t know.



One response to “One Time In New York City”

  1. beth Avatar

    I love this! and social media can make us crazy at times


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