Desert Rose

Out there… somewhere.

As you know I can’t be trusted. I change on a whim. Sometimes without a good reason. This time I have a good reason, for me.

Yes. I’m still working on the picture a day project. No. Not all of the pictures are ready for prime time.

However, I discovered a huge file of desert pictures that I made many years ago, of which this is one. This one is sort of a teaser to a run through the desert that you will see sometime this week including tomorrow.


These are quirky, strange and interesting images. Looking at them surprised even me. I had sort of an out of body experience all the while thinking when did I make these pictures?

There are markers that tell me when but I don’t remember making them. They were made in the deserts of Southern California, Arizona and New Mexico in one year.

A little housekeeping.

Synthetic imagery is now turning dark for me. Two photographer friends lost well paying assignments because the client decided to create their own pictures using generative AI. This is what we all were afraid of, yet they told us wouldn’t happen.

There are going to be all sorts of changes coming in the next few years. I’m starting to think they won’t all be good. Damn.


2 responses to “Desert Rose”

  1. Its.Tobi.D Avatar

    AI is big news these days, but I still believe that it can’t capture real life. Please keep showing up! Thanks! T

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      It’s moving very fast and i already starting to take assignments from photographers.

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