About Last Night

Night tree.

I made this picture literally late last night.

I know, it looks like daylight photography. It isn’t. We have some big lights that illuminate our road that so many people think is public. It isn’t. It’s private.

I didn’t notice it durning winter, but now that spring is fully upon us I see the possibilities. The lights made the leaves glow from behind.

Being backlighted helps the good things and hides the picture’s flaws. It also helped make the main branches and trunk look very bold and graphic.

About those visiting walkers who are mostly photographers, no trespassing signs don’t work. So, we lit the road which helps at night.

For daytime adventurers we armored the gates and the fence immediately near the gate.

We also have dogs. They can never be guard dogs, but they can be watchdogs. When the last guy tried to walk down the road they went crazy, barking and howling. I let them out and they immediately ran to the fence.

Then I showed up and asked our trespasser to leave. He gave me a hard time so we called the police. Because three departments patrol the public road, all three jurisdictions arrived, town cop, a county sheriff and a state trooper.

It’s a tiny place so we know them all. That is one benefit of country life. There are some things that aren’t so beneficial, but I’ll write about that later.

That’s it for today, except to tell you that the rest of this weeks posts will be very green.

On Saturday I’m going to publish a couple of synthetic images where the only prompt was our names. You’ll see why we are so close.

I bet you didn’t think I planned very well.

That’ll learn you.



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