Dead Flowers

Springtime around this place.

I thought spring is supposed to be about new buds, rebirth, pretty flowers and birds singing. What do I find? Dead flowers, dead leaves and dead branches. I guess this plant didn’t like winter.

I’ve been learning about a new musician. Well, new to me. Her name was Hazel Dickens. She is pretty much responsible for adding women to many bluegrass bands.

She sang in a raw Appalachian way, often called “high lonesome,” which is not to be confused with a tenor reaching the top of her scale.

High lonesome is a guttural sound that is, rich powerful and strong. It’s not easy to do. If you try to do it, you won’t do it. Instead, you have to completely empty your mind. Think of nothing, almost like meditation. If you do that and “just” sing you may reach that space.

To an untrained ear it sounds like the singer’s voice just dropped two octaves. For that matter, to the trained ear it sound’s two octaves lower. Heh!

That’s what we’ve been doing around for the last two days, art, music, gardening and learning.

It sure is great not having a real job.

No worries.

From June through the end of August and again in November I’ll be out on the road.

Let’s see. The southwest — get this — starting in New Orleans, Europe, the Northeast and finally The United Kingdom. Luckily, this is very well planed with a lot of breaks so we can go home.

The UK tour ends in Dublin on November 20. My birthday is the 21st. It’s a big, huge one. Some of you were with me when I had the last big one, a decade ago. Time sure does fly when you are having fun.



2 responses to “Dead Flowers”

  1. Debra Avatar

    What an exciting tour schedule! Keep taking your vitamins! 😉


    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      It’s not bad and we’re going to have some fun. The Euro jazz festivals are different than ones in the US. They last all summer with only one or two musicians playing each weekend. They are in ancient places like Lucca, Italy or Cascais, Portugal.


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