Very green.

I have questions.

I need answers.

If I change Storyteller to something a little more “exclusive” what are the images?

Are they my typical portfolio images, which are getting a little long in the tooth?

Or, are they something else, something a little more current like this picture? Or, are they a mix of two different portfolios, new unseen travel work and my more current work?

I’m soliciting opinions.

If you were looking for a photograph to hang on your walls what would you look at?

Answers. I need answers.


WordPress. They have an app called WordPress for Beginners. I’ve learned that WordPress isn’t always accurate. What’s new?

I’ve been wanting to use drop caps for forever. They claim you can do that in the typography pulldown that I use to make this font and its lighter feel.

Guess what?

It’s not there. I’m not surprised.

On the other hand, they offer website templates through the app that are not available in the normal way. There are some great designs hiding there.

Why are they hiding them?

The picture? It’s layered. There are two pictures hiding there.

One is yet another tree. That’s not unusual for me.

The second picture is peas. Sweet peas.

I was steaming them for dinner. when they reached a certain point and they turned bright green. “Wow’, I thought. “I should take a picture.’.

So, I did.

Added to the tree picture it gave it depth and richness.

That’s it.



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