Things On The Ground

Storm leavings.

I always say look up, look down, look all around. You never know what you’ll see. In this case I looked almost straight ahead seeking the long view.

I saw these clumps off stuff, storm leavings, all over what is a former basketball court. More about that tomorrow. The stuff in this picture are all natural leavings so I call it a nature photograph.

If you are on a walk beware, The stuff that looks like rusty powder will make you sneeze. It didn’t happen to me but I saw a child playing in it. He started sneezing. His friend came over to see if he was okay and he started sneezing.

Apparently, if you stir it up it gets in the air and you are truly messed up. The first kid must have sneezed for a good fifteen minutes.

I learn others mistakes just as much as I learn from mine. I learn a lot since I make a lot of mistakes.


I made this on my walks that service my need to make a picture a day.



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