Abandoned and Creative

Just like magic.

If I could have gotten closer I might have made another picture, a better picture.

I couldn’t because it was tucked away behind a high fence. Given the condition of this basketball hoop with no backboards, the chains that made up the net are hanging and the actually hoop is bent downward,

I’m pretty sure that somebody thought they were preserving it for future generations. I doubt it unless someone has a lot of money. The other hoop doesn’t exist. The court is cracked. There are potholes all over the place. And, it is tucked in a corner of the park that I doubt many people even know about.

To me, it’s just more abandoned stuff. Somebody should make a book about it. Oh yeah. Wait a minute! That’s my project. A book.

Let’s see if I can’t get it done by October so it’s ready for the Christmas market. If not, then just about anytime next year. It’ll probably be a very limited press run because photo art books just don’t sell to a mass audience unless you are famous, which I’m not.



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