In the garden.

On the same evening that I made the reflection photograph I made this one that I call “Back to the Garden.” Luck was with me.

Musical Miss would say that this, and the reflection, came from the divine.

It probably took me 10 to 15 minutes to make this and the other picture, and most of that time was taken up with my walking from place to place.

Sometimes it happens that way. It used to happen that way for me reasonably often. But, these days that rarely happens, which is why this was so surprising and very, very welcome.

Maybe as the weather warms up, I’ll warm up.

I can say that my picture a day program is working. In order to complete it daily I must go for a walk and I must look around and around, up and down. And, that forces some discipline on me, a person who never wants discipline.

So far, my little April portfolio looks pretty good. I may post a month ender as sort of a review of this month’s pictures.

Hopefully, May will be even better as I continue to knock off the rust accumulated from months of not taking this seriously.

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