Lines, Curves and Color

So green, so very green.

Green. So very green. I like green.

I think all y’all like green.

It’s hard to find this shade of green just yet, in this phase of spring. Luckily — that photographers luck thing again — I found a little.

Luckier still, it was back lighted which made it glow. I had to work fast because the light was changing almost as fast as I worked.

This picture a day plan has turned into something else. I make pictures while I walk. That means my walks take forever. It also means a picture a day… hahahaha.

Try more like five to ten pictures a day. I have so many pictures that I like well enough to publish that I could stop shooting today and have material to show you through mid-May.

This has really awoken something in me that I thought that I lost. Now if I could just walk as far as I used to. I think that’ll come back.



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