Still Floating

Pavement and leaves help make magic.

A funny thing keeps happening on my daily walks. I keep seeing things that aren’t there.

So, I photograph what I see and create what I visualized using Snapped to start and OnOne to finish. To the normal naked eye this is a bit of broken pavement with a few fallen leaves laying on the gray colored asphalt. But, to me…

A note about my editing. I don’t usually add very much color in post production. I usually subtract color and add contrast and darken the original image file. Eventually, the image shows its true colors.

Well, it’s started.

Tour season, sort of.

We are in Palm Springs after playing a sort of outlaw country/folk festival. Next stop, Los Angeles and the Hollywood Bowl were we play for two days honoring Willie Nelson who turns 90.

It’ll be like old home week. Lots of old friends gathering and hanging out backstage.

From there we head to New Orleans to celebrate my old friend with speeches, music, a second line, and a repast. It’ll be a long weekend of hanging with friends both new and old.

Then, home, back to the farm.

Speaking of home, it feels so good to be home in California where I grew up. We are kind of taking sort of the long way to Los Angeles so I can have a look around.

I’m not sure I could live here again. I think I’m seeing memories rather than reality.

That seems to be a recurring theme. I see pictures where there aren’t any, and I see memories instead of reality.

Maybe I should see somebody about this. Nah. I’d rather live wherever my mind takes me to.



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